• Step 10

    blog photos blog photos The last three steps are sometimes referred to as the maintenance steps. The first nine marked the path to recovery. The last three keep you on that path and building distance between the old hurts habits and hang-ups that used to plague your life. This step tells us to meet life using all the tools we have in our tool chest from the previous nine steps. Our sensitivities are heightened now. The illness from physical addiction has been broken. Our heads are not Read more [...]
  • Step 9

    Step 8 got us “set” in the starting blocks; Step 9 requires us to run the race! Go!--warning this race runs through an obstacle course! We will experience pain in this step as the “stepper” as will those that feel they have already been “stepped on.” Taking the step requires we revisit those times and people that have been hurt by our actions; first as we prepare to make amends by listing them for Step 8 and then when we face them to make the actual amends required in Step 9. Step Read more [...]
  • Step 8

    Steps 8 gets us ready to get messy, step 9 will get us there! Step 8 represents “get set”; step 9 -- GO! Both fall under the “putting the rubber on the road” call of steps 6 & 7. The element of a run to the trash bin in Step five comes into play. Pain from this trash run comes from admitting the hurt we caused and facing consequences as we face the people our poor choices have affected. Certainly this step intends that offenders come to grips with the reality that their offensive Read more [...]
  • Step 7

    Step 7: We humbly asked God to remove all our shortcomings. Remember the little saying we used as kids to start our foot races? One for the money. Two for the show. Three to get ready. Four to GO! Step six got us ready! Step seven represents GO time! We are challenged to take our progress and learning from the first five steps, get it internalized to the point we are ready to use it in step six—step into the starting blocks as the sport of track and field would say-- and then start Read more [...]
  • Step 6

    The "old style" language of Step Six makes it hard for some to understand. “We are entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” This step simply calls us to put the rubber on the road. In previous steps we have gone through the painful process of looking closely at ourselves to see the good,the bad and even the ugly. We have listed the ways and places we know we have fallen short. We have recognized that we need help to change our faults. This step calls us to action. Read more [...]
  • Merry Christmas from Gene & Deb Call. . .

    Merry Christmas!!! Our Christmas wish for you comes from this. Our Sunday school class celebrated Christmas with the folks at the local nursing home Sunday. I just love all the details of the Christmas story! I had only intended to bring a very short devotional because the fun thing for that crowd is always singing the old Christmas Carols---which Deb and I both love also. However, I found me listening to myself for a bit and the next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a ten- minute explanation Read more [...]
  • Step Five

    Step Five of the Twelve Steps reads: “We admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” Step Four swept up the trash by having us inventory all our wrongs in detail. Step Five shows us how to dump the trash. Many AA participants found completing Step Five as the pinnacle of their recovery. They recount feeling exhilarated at the weight being lifted from their shoulders in this “trash dumping” process. On the other hand, Joe Hazel, my friend Read more [...]
  • Step 4

    The Fourth Step of a Twelve step program sounds a bit stiff and daunting for many. “We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” What does this mean? What does this step seek? Studying the history of this step in AA and other 12 Step literature brings understanding. It calls us to create a written inventory of our past and present. We examine the good, the bad and the ugly. This exercise serves many purposes. It reminds us that we all have some good strengths and Read more [...]
  • Two Step Three!

    Step two in twelve step programs calls participants to believe in a higher power capable of returning us to sanity. Step three goes hand in glove by calling for folks to turn their lives and will over to the care of that higher power—God as they know God. Every one of the twelve steps plays a critical role in the process of recovery. Yet these two steps spark the most controversy. Those that are either agnostic or have a faith system outside of God kick back against these steps. The founders Read more [...]
  • Step One

    Most of us have heard others talk about 12 step programs. This blog begins a series on each step. For many their mind immediately conjures up a dark, dingy room of people setting in a circle introducing themselves one at a time as hopeless addicts. As a Celebrate Recovery leader, I have discovered that the twelve step process provides a great tool chest for life building to all who will use its tools. Our celebratory meetings are not in dark dingy rooms. We party!! Step One calls for us to Read more [...]