First Time Home Buyer Videos

Congratulations on making the smart choice to buy a home! Prepare yourself by reading our First Time Home Buyers articles in the library or choose from one to a whole series of pay per view videos that will mentor you through the process.

The First time Home Buyers Series is for any one who is getting ready to make the biggest investment in their lives. Want to know where to start and why, What you should expect in the process. You can buy a single video here for $12. We recommend buying the whole series.  There are six videos a and a bonus 7th video for $50, a $34 dollar savings.

To Buy a single video click on the title to log in or register with us, then click on the buy now button to pay with Pay Pal.

Choosing a Realtor

Choosing a Realtor, and what they will help you with.

Review Your Finances

Video that teaches how your Realtor can help you analyze your finances: so you know if you qualify for a mortgage,what mortgage range you will qualify for, your credit options, your loan options.

Property Valuation

Video that explains the method and importance of valuing a property you wish to purchase.

Neighborhood Knowledge

An educational video that illuminates the importance of knowledge of the neighborhood you are considering your home purchase in.

Construction Issues

Video that teaches how to analyze potential construction issues and protect yourself from them.

The Bonus Video

HUD 1 a Snapshot

Video that walks through HUD 1 form to demonstrate how it paints a snap shot of your Real Estate Transaction.  It shows key details of your purchase contract,  your new mortgage and your transaction costs in one form.  This form serves as a tool for all involved in your transaction, particularly you, to confirm it is closing as agreed.


Click the start button to get a reduced cost for our seven video series that walks you step by step through the process of buying your first home. The series illuminates your need for teaming with a Realtor to be your coach and team leader by explaining how a professional Realtor has your back!!!. It covers how a Realtor can review your finances to help you see if you can buy and how much you can spend or what you can do to change things so you can buy. Each following video leads you through important home buying issues and shows you how to get prepared and protected. We include the HUD-1 video free as a series bonus. The HUD-1 form takes a snap shot of your real estate transaction that includes key items in the purchase contract, your loan, and transactional costs. The HUD 1 serves as a way for you and your Realtor to monitor your transaction to assure it closes as agreed.

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