The Distressed Property Academy

Being placed in a position where you must consider whether to short sale, modify or even let your home go to foreclosure or bankruptcy means challenging times. We are experienced warriors willing to guide with the many articles in our library or through our pay per view mentoring videos. 

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Overview video defining underwater real estate and identifying owners three basic options of:  1. loan modifications, 2.foreclosure, 3. short sale.  Other videos provide further detail of consequences and process of each option.

Loan Modification

Loan Modification

Video that provides definition and overview of loan modifications.  Provides overview of the modification process and challenges.  Also notes modification process constantly changes and one would request their lender for options that are presently available.


Video that explains the process and consequences of foreclosure.  Lender will use it to resolve a distressed property challenge if forced to but they prefer to find an alternative too.  Foreclosure brings severe credit consequences and most informed owners will avoid it if possible by working with lender to find an alternative.  Many have found a bankruptcy that uses a short sale to do much less credit  damage than foreclosure.

Short Sale

Comprehensive video that explains benefits, challenges, and process of short sales.  A “must see” if you are trying to decide if a short sale represents your best move.

Distressed Property: Terms and Definitions

Practical video to educate you to understand the meaning of terms used by the distressed property industry. Our definitions give insight as to the processes surrounding the terms. Tip: Right click on the video player, then choose zoom in the pop up menu to select full screen mode.

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